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Bayrol Chloricol

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Chlorine foaming tablets 20g for shock treatment in case of water problems. Rapidly soluble and easy to dose


Chloriklar® is a fast dissolving 20 g chlorine foaming tablet that acts immediately on bacteria, fungi and viruses and breaks down organic turbidity and impurities in swimming pool water. The tablets are easy to take, dissolve without leaving residue and do not clog the filter.
Ideal for impact treatment in case of water maintenance problems. The tablets dissolve very quickly in contact with water and release large amounts of active chlorine in a very short time. The high chlorine additive gives the pool a “shock” and the water is crystal clear and clean.
The Chloriklar® formula contains isocyanuric acid and thus prevents chlorine from breaking down too quickly at higher water temperatures and in strong sunlight. The 20g tablets are easy to handle and are also suitable for smaller pools.

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