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Bayrol Chlorilong Power 5(5kg)


Slow dissolving 5-function chlorine tablets for permanent disinfection

SKU: 5599250

Chlorilong® POWER5 performs 5 functions: water disinfection, algae removal, dirt removal, limescale and chlorine stabilisation. High quality 250 g tablets for consistent chlorine level maintenance and easy maintenance.
In addition to using high-quality raw materials, Chlorilong® POWER5 uses an innovative process to press chlorine tablets: the A.P.O.® technology.

This technology ensures that the tablet dissolves very evenly and always releases a constant amount of chlorine into the water. Enjoy extra peace of mind by disinfecting the water in your pool!
The included Silk Effect formula enhances the anti-lime effect and ensures silky smooth pool water. Copper sulphate-free: prevents damage to the pool surface.

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Chlorilong produktsBayrol Chlorilong Power 5(5kg)
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