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Bayrol Chlorilong Ultimate 7(4,8 kg)


Dual-phase 300 g chlorine tablet with 7 functions for optimal and permanent disinfection of pool water and filter

SKU: 5599314

Sand or glass filters
For swimming pools over 20 m³
Where: in Skimmer
When: every 7 to 10 days
Dose: 1 tablet per 30 m³

Fast-dissolving blue layer: impact on pool water and filter. Slow and regular dissolving white layer: permanent disinfectant, anti-algae, clarifier, anti-lime and chlorine stabiliser.

Chlorilong® ULTIMATE7 (formerly Varitab®) consists of two phases with 7 functions: disinfection, algae removal, turbidity removal, scale removal, chlorine stabilisation, shock treatment and filter shock treatment.

The two phases of Chlorilong® ULTIMATE7 have different functions:
The blue part decomposes in about 10 minutes and is deposited on the filter bed of the sand filter. This causes intense disinfection of the filter material. This ensures that dirt and bacteria are safely eliminated.
The white part of the tablet dissolves slowly and provides permanent disinfection.
The included Silk Effect formula enhances the anti-lime effect and ensures silky smooth pool water. Copper sulphate-free: prevents damage to the pool surface.

Weight 4.8 kg
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