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Bayrol Ph-Minus liquuide Professional 45% (20L)


Highly concentrated acid liquid specially adapted for continuous water treatment with automatic dosing units

SKU: 5694012

pH-Minus Liquid Professional is a highly concentrated acid liquid to lower the pH of swimming pool water above 7.4. Ideal for automatic dosing machines.

pH-Minus Liquid Professional consists of 45% concentrated sulphuric acid. Thanks to its acidic properties, pH-Minus Liquid Professional is effective on excessive pH levels and allows you to quickly lower the pH level in your pool to the ideal level.

Dosing should be carried out with automatic dosing equipment (Pool Relax®, PoolManager®, Automatic Cl/pH) or with a separate dosing pump. Continuously and according to its needs, it is injected into the pool’s water circulation system and helps maintain its pH in the equilibrium zone (7.0 – 7.4).

pH-Minus Liquid Professional is compatible with all types of disinfectants (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, PHMB, etc.), all filtration systems (glass, cartridges, sand, etc.) and all coatings (linings, tiles, silicon marble, polyester).

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Ph-minus liquid produktsBayrol Ph-Minus liquuide Professional 45% (20L)
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