Bayrol Ph-Plus liquide 20L


Ideal if the pH level of the pool water is too low

SKU: 5594769

Ph-Plus Liquid is a highly concentrated alkaline liquid (with a high pH value) especially suitable for continuous processing with automatic dosing equipment. It effectively raises the too low pH level of the water.
Thanks to its acidity-regulating properties, pH-Plus Liquid effectively raises low water pH levels and quickly restores the ideal pH level in pool water.

Dosing should be done with automatic dosing devices (Pool Relax®, PoolManager®, Automatic Cl/pH) or with a separate dosing pump. Continuously introduced into the pool water circulation system according to its needs, it helps maintain the pH level in its balance zone (7.0-7.4).

pH-Plus Liquid is compatible with all types of disinfectants (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, PHMB, etc.), all filtration systems (glass, cartridges, sand, etc.) and all coatings (lining, tiles, silicon marble, polyester).

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