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Bayrol Puripool Super

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Non-foaming concentrated liquid against algae growth and calcium deposits when winterizing pools. Allows for easy spring cleaning.

For all filter types
For all pool sizes
Where: directly in the water
When: wintering
Dose: 0.5L per 10m³
Puripool® Super is a product for winterizing outdoor pools. It keeps the pool water in optimal conditions during the winter for easier spring cleaning.
Always read the label and product information before use. Use biocides with care.
Puripool® Super is a concentrated liquid with a high content of active ingredients. The special formula effectively prevents calcification in the pool during the winter. In addition, Puripool® Super contains an anti-algae agent that prevents algae growth when temperatures rise in early spring. The concentrate works all winter.
Puripool® Super is free of heavy metals such as copper sulfate, non-foaming, chlorine stable and pH neutral. With Puripool® Super, spring maintenance is easier, faster and cheaper.


3L, 6L

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