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Bayrol Pooltester pH/ 02


Tester set for measuring pH and active oxygen content in pool water. Contains 20 pcs. Phenol Red tablets and 20 pcs. DPD 4 tablets

SKU: 287988

Pool water needs regular testing of its parameters. With the Pooltester /O₂ you can easily and accurately determine the pH level and active oxygen content of your pool. 20 pieces included for phenol red tablets for pH analysis and 20 pcs. For DPD 4 tablets for active oxygen analysis, the Pooltester ph/O₂ has two measuring chambers into which the water to be analyzed must be filled.

Take a water sample directly from the pool. Add the appropriate reagent and observe the results by comparing the resulting color to the reference color chart. If the parameters do not meet the optimal values, they should be corrected using appropriate Bayrol products.

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